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Natural gas is the main energy source in more than 6.6 million Canadian homes, businesses and institutions. Of this number, more than 50% of customers are in Ontario. People are choosing natural gas for water heating, drying clothes, cooking, fireplaces, barbecuing and even heating swimming pools and hot tubs.

Natural gas benefits


Natural gas is delivered to your home through an underground pipeline, so you benefit from an uninterrupted, continuous supply. There are no tanks, so there is no waiting for deliveries. Weather is not a factor and does not disrupt service.


Canadians are saving money by using natural gas. Compared to other major heating fuels, natural gas customers are saving upward of $2,000 per year on their residential energy bills. Commercial and industrial customers are seeing similar savings. Natural gas rates are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board to protect consumers, unlike fuel oil and propane.


When compared with heating oil, natural gas creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Also, high efficiency natural gas appliances for space heating and hot water heating can operate at up to 98% efficiency. This benefits the environment and results in cost savings to the customer.


Natural gas has been in use in Canada for over 100 years. In this time, stringent safety standards and government laws and regulations govern all aspects of the natural gas industry – from product safety to delivery to use by consumers.

Residential Conversion Economics

Current Heating Typical Conversion Cost
(Heating / Water Heating)
Anticipated Annual Savings
(Heating / Water Heating)
Estimated Payback
Propane Forced Air $2,000 $850 < 2.3 years
Electric Forced Air / Boiler $6,000 $750 < 8 years
Electric Baseboard
Option 1 - New Furnace / Ducting
$12,000 $750 < 16 years
Electric Baseboard
Option 2 - New Combi-Boiler
$7,000 $750 < 9.3 years
Oil Forced Air / Boiler $6,000 $1,800 < 3.3 years

Anticipated Annual Savings: $750 to $1800 per houshold

Annual Residential Energy Costs and Savings

Annual residential energy usage of 2,149 m3 of natural gas; mix of existing fuel types. Commodity prices as of April 2018.