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Natural gas is delivered to your building through a system of underground pipelines. Natural gas is always ready for immediate use, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – no delivery trucks, no tanks, and no worries about interrupted service.

Cost Savings

Natural gas is a cost-effective choice for businesses. Cost savings, of course, will vary in each situation depending on the type of equipment you choose to install and the energy source you are converting from. An EPCOR consultant can assist you in estimating what your savings will be by switching to natural gas.


Piping can be installed in your building quickly and safely. Hook-ups for your natural gas line can be easily made for heating systems, water heaters, and other equipment.


Our natural gas distribution system will be designed, built, operated and maintained to the highest codes and standards in Ontario. Natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest energy sources.

Natural gas: Moving Ontario in the right direction

Video from the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance